Jason Manford's Little Cracker

Series 3 - Episode 7 Jason Manford's Little Cracker



Tonight’s first frolic down celebrity lane features a first-love story in hospital.
A 12-year-old Jason Manford (Ellis Hollins) attracts female attention while waiting for what he tells them is a brain op (in fact a circumcision). Manford himself plays the boy’s father, surgeon and nurse, inviting comparisons with Peter Kay.


The year is 1993 and 12-year-old Jason Manford is scared. He is embarking on his first trip away from home - to hospital. The reason? For a circumcision, no less. As if it couldn't get any worse, a fellow patient is trying to get her hands on him and a nurse is making eyes at his dad. But then he meets Judy, resident babe of the children's ward. Can he bag his first kiss? Manford stars in his own short tale, with Ellis Hollins as his younger self.