The Story of Tracy Beaker

Down to Earth

Series 3 - Episode 9 Down to Earth



Tracy seems to be in for a good day, but disaster is waiting to strike.

Cast & Crew

Tracy Beaker Dani Harmer
Justine Montanna Thompson
Bouncer Ben Hanson
Dolly Chloe Hibberts Waters
Lol Ciaran Joyce
Hayley Kristal Lau
Crash Darragh Mortell
Jackie Abby Rakic-Platt
Layla Cara Readle
Michael William Tomlin
Duke Clive Rowe
Elaine Nisha Nayar
Cam Lisa Coleman
Shelley Nicola Reynolds
Vicky Jennifer Robinson
Director Joss Agnew
Producer Mia Jupp
Writer Dan Anthony
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