The Strangers' Will

The Strangers' Will



It is only in exceptional circumstances that I recommend a drama when I’ve neither had the opportunity to hear it nor to read its script. This is one of those occasions, and the reason is the writing team of Sarah Hall and Dominic Power.

Three years ago, their dramatisation of Hall’s book The Carhullan Army became one of the most exhilarating and profoundly disturbing listens I’ve heard. Set in the same stark Cumbrian landscape as The Carhullan Army, this is a contemporary ghost story about two lovers escaping from difficult previous lives. Throw in some Cumbrian folk music and a David Bowie track, and I am already sold on this drama.

I trust that I will not be eating humble radio pie in next week’s edition…


The Strangers' Will, by Sarah Hall and Dominic Power. A supernatural thriller about obsession, possession and memory, set in an eerie hotel in the Lake District. With Nigel Lindsay (Charlie), Emily Raymond (Ellie), Bryan Dick (Jonty), Grainne Keenan (Megan), Vera Filatova (Ania/Cat), Jacqueline Pearce (Gwen), Claire Vousden (Dawn) and Peter Hamilton Dyer (Stuart/Ian). The eclectic soundtrack ranges from Dvorák and Bernard Herrmann to Cumbrian folk and David Bowie.