Spiral 4: State of Terror

Series 4 - Episode 3 Spiral 4: State of Terror



The immigrant detention centre is in turmoil after last week’s tragedy, and there’s a hostile crowd outside. They become even angrier when the police wade in with tear gas. Captain Laure Berthaud (Caroline Proust), the tatty heroine of this seedy, thrilling French cop series, is already in deep trouble. She’s fighting for her career after she killed a suspect in dubious circumstances, and her new, unpleasant boss really doesn’t like her. “What will I be if I can’t be a police officer?” she asks her hunky boyfriend. “A security adviser? A night watchman?”

Luckily, hot solicitor Pierre is on her side. But this is just bureaucracy; there are villains to tail, including some very determined anarchists.


Berthaud and her team spot Sophie Mazeret among the demonstrators at the scene of the immolation of a Kurdish detainee, and while she escapes, they arrest Christophe Vasseur after they suspect his involvement with the terrorists. Meanwhile, Pierre Clement is pleased to learn that Judge Roban has returned to the court house. French detective drama, starring Caroline Proust and Jean-Henri Compere.

Cast & Crew

Herville Nicolas Briancon
Magali Amandine Dewasmes
Laure Berthaud Caroline Proust
Sophie Mazerat Judith Chemla
Christophe Vasseur Jean-Henri Compere
Thomas Riffaut Jerome Huguet
Commissaire Bremont Bruno Debrandt
Josephine Karlsson Audrey Fleurot
Gilou Thierry Godard
Fromentin Fred Bianconi
Pierre Clement Gregory Fitoussi
Judge Roban Philippe Duclos
Director Jean-Marc Brondolo
Writer Anne Landois
Writer Eric de Barahir
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