Great Night Out

Great Night Out

Series 1 - Episode 6



The gang’s misadventures this week revolve around an FA Cup game between Stockport County and Manchester United. That’s unfortunate because the football dialogue in this series tends to sound just a bit... wrong (sample: “We’ll shut their gobby fans up good and proper”). But like everything else with this knockabout show – the Looney Tunes plotting, the fondness for cheap gags, the relentless banjo music – it can’t stop us enjoying the sheer fun of the thing and the comic energy of the cast.

Daz has decided to propose to Colleen, but falls foul of her fantasist housemate Bev (a very believable Isy Suttie), while Glyn has Mad Tony’s mansion all to himself. But not for long.


Glyn scuppers the lads' plans to go to what promises to be the biggest football match in history, meaning he will have to go to great lengths to make it up to them. Hodge and Kath begin a trial course in parenting, and come away feeling disappointed, while Daz enlists the help of Colleen's housemate Bev to spring a surprise on his girlfriend. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

Beggsy William Ash
Hodge Lee Boardman
Glyn Craig Parkinson
Daz Stephen Walters
Colleen Naomi Bentley
Kath Rebekah Staton
Julie Christine Bottomley
Warren Ricky Tomlinson
Mrs B Susie Blake
Mr Wong Ozzie Yue
Natalie Robyn Addison
Bev Isy Suttie
Karl Archie Kelly
Shona Kellie Bright
Molly Sophia Andrews
Beryl Esther Coles
Linda Sue Devaney
Zoe Daisy Beaumont
Tony Connor McIntyre
Shop assistant Debbie Chazen
Director Iain B MacDonald
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Executive Producer Mark Bussell
Executive Producer Justin Sbresni
Producer Pat Lees
Producer Angela Sinden
Writer Jonathan Harvey
Writer Steve Turner
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