Every Seventh Wave

Every Seventh Wave


It’s Valentine’s Day and the glamorous, talented pairing of David Tennant and Emilia Fox return to Radio 4 to pick up the epistolary — or, rather, the email-stolary — romance they began last year in the romantic drama Love Virtually.

Their characters, Leo and Emmi, were on the verge of meeting at the end of the play, but then Leo suddenly left for America. This sequel picks up the story, based on the novels of Daniel Glattauer, with Leo’s return from the States and the start of another intense, sexually charged, emotionally explosive set of emails between the wannabe lovers.

Tennant and Fox are terrific. These perfomances are worth the licence fee alone. And that’s saying something, because Leo and Emmi are so self-obsessed that it would be easy to wish they simultaneously tipped their Scotch into their keyboards and electrocuted themselves. Their love story is a bumpy ride, but one that’s definitely worth strapping yourself in for.


By Daniel Glattauer. Sequel to Love Virtually. Leo returns from Boston after cutting off all e-mail communications with Emmi. Despite her husband's discovery of their online relationship, Emmi repeatedly attempts to contact him and finally receives a response from her lover. Starring David Tennant and Emilia Fox.