No Place Like Home

Series 1 - Episode 2 No Place Like Home



There are one or two funny moments in this second edition of Derren Litten’s new health-club comedy – Alison (Rebecca Front) and her peculiar sleeping arrangements; Davina (Debbie Chazen) trying to realign the chakras of a flatulent punter; and Cheryl Fergison as insulted customer Ms Wylde being fobbed off with a colonic. The performances make this watchable.

But I’m still waiting for Frances Barber, as Alison’s stable-owning mate Ginny, to get something worth her spit. And the addition of a Polish chef/plumber called – wait for it – Bolek seems to be heading nowhere and is just another sign of the woolly randomness of the script.


Manager Alison is forced to move into the health centre when her boiler packs up, but it's far from a relaxing stay. Ms Wylde is complaining about an incident in her weight-loss class, the kitchen urgently needs a new chef and, to top it all, the club's chief executive arrives for an impromptu inspection - and he isn't impressed by his findings.