Series 2 - Episode 4 Discovery



Tough times for the usually unflappable Harvey (Gabriel Macht). An old case is being reopened by his nemesis Travis Tanner (Without a Trace’s Eric Close, wearing almost as much Brylcreem as Macht) and Harvey is in his sights as he accuses Pearson Hardman of withholding evidence. Can Harvey prove he acted correctly? Donna’s soon on the trail of a smoking gun that they both hope isn’t there.

Mike, meanwhile, has been seconded into working with Louis, and enjoyed it. But his cockiness is about to bite him. He ought to know that the man with the biggest chip on his shoulder in Manhattan isn’t to be slighted lightly. This could get very nasty; Louis has ready access to partner Daniel’s ear.


Travis Tanner returns and accuses the firm of withholding evidence. Mike finally sees eye to eye with Louis, whose paranoia threatens to harm their budding friendship and affect his standing at the company. Legal drama, starring Patrick J Adams.

Cast & Crew

Travis Tanner Eric Close
Harvey Specter Gabriel Macht
Louis Litt Rick Hoffman
Mike Ross Patrick J Adams
Daniel Hardman David Costabile