Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners

Series 1 - Episode 1



Sitting neatly between The Hoarder Next Door and How Clean Is Your Kitchen?, this series sends obsessive cleaners into filthy homes and businesses to use their “unique gift” to clean them up. These people wash their floors five times a day, clean windows and vacuum mattresses daily and even tidy up supermarket shelves when out shopping.

So confronted with the squalor of, say, Christopher’s house, which hasn’t been cleaned for 15 years, they’re simultaneously revolted and anxious to get scrubbing. Yet by the end it’s impossible to decide who is more extreme — the cleaners or the unrepentant slobs.


Documentary following the work of a cleaning agency run by Linda Dykes, who hires only those with the highest standards in keeping things spotless. In each programme, Linda's recruits visit Britons whose homes are in dire need of attention, beginning with Christopher Sylvester, a retired antiques dealer whose stone cottage has been overwhelmed by collectibles and bric-a-brac dating back 15 years. Plus, telephone adviser Richard Pugh, who hasn't cleaned his flat since he moved in four years ago.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Eve Kay
Series Producer Jess Orr
Series Producer Ceri Jones
Documentary Education