Britain's Secret Shoppers

Britain's Secret Shoppers

Series 1 - Episode 1



High-end butcher and businessman Justin Preston channels both Mary Portas and Miss Moneypenny as he fronts Channel 4’s brash new consumer champion show.

He wants to save us money and to teach us how to haggle to get the best deal: “I’m gonna let you in on a secret – you need never pay the full asking price for anything ever again.”

Britons are too shy and embarrassed to ask for discounts, says Preston, but we must “grow some balls!” Not that we see much actual haggling; the programme’s attention wanders, spending too much time watching Preston try to boost a struggling beauty business. It’s not gripping.


Entrepreneur Justin Preston teaches consumers how to haggle and secure good deals on big-ticket items, from cars and kitchens to holidays and designer wear. He also heads behind the tills to apply his `profit principle' formula to ailing British businesses. In the first edition, a woman receives a crash course in how to knock thousands of pounds off the price of a new car, and Justin goes undercover at The Dollshouse, whose owners need help boosting their profit margin.