Alex Polizzi: The Fixer

Alf Onnie

Series 2 - Episode 1 Alf Onnie



Alex Polizzi has her work cut out trying to turn around the fortunes of a family-run curtain and blinds business in East Ham, London. It’s wall-to-ceiling chaos and the shop’s interior is so old-fashioned, it looks just like it did when it opened in 1920. Sales in the window coverings market having dropped by 10 per cent during the recession, they’re desperate to entice new customers.

“It’s like a storeroom that happens to be open to the public,” says the straight-talking Alex, but frustratingly her attempts to modernise the shop and encourage the three brothers — Laurence, Kevin and Jeremy — to pitch for commercial made-to-measure curtain contracts (to end their reliance on budget-conscious locals) ends in a screaming match…As well as a few puns about how it could be curtains for the business.


New series. Entrepreneur Alex Polizzi returns to help more family firms that have reached breaking point, tackling both their financial failures and their domestic dramas to guide them back onto the path to success. She begins with an east London shop specialising in fabric and curtains that is run by three brothers - and both they and the store are stuck in a time warp. Alex tries to drag them into the 21st century with lessons in modern window-dressing and a photoshoot, but disaster strikes when they discover their premises are overrun with rats.