Dancing on the Edge

Dancing on the Edge

Series 1 - Episode 3



Stephen Poliakoff’s louche 1930s drama continues to lure us into a silken trap, its pathway strewn with feints and dramatic sleights of hand. After last week’s bloody discovery, Louis, the band and their feckless little group of hangers-on are traumatised and adrift. The police are crawling around a cavernous, echoing Imperial Hotel that’s all dressed up for the festive season and they are persistently, politely interested in Louis (Chiwetel Ejiofor). He, in turn, is keeping a close eye on excitable, odd Julian.

In all, it’s not much of a Christmas, but things liven up when the foxy Lady Cremone (a glowing Jacqueline Bisset) throws an opulent New Year party at her lovely country home. Meanwhile, out in the wider world, Germany has a new Chancellor and mischievous fixer Stanley (Matthew Goode) decides to have some fun at the German Embassy.


Louis is interviewed by police about events on the night of Jessie's attack, telling them he saw Julian when he should have been on a train to Paris. The band are unsettled when a table of racist Germans walks out during a performance at the Imperial Hotel's Christmas Lunch, but Stanley later engineers a fitting revenge. Lady Cremone hosts a New Year's Eve party on her estate and everybody is surprised when Julian turns up, announcing he has been in France exploring a new business idea.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Mitchell Matthew Goode
Louis Lester Chiwetel Ejiofor
Jessie Angel Coulby
Schlesinger Mel Smith
Pamela Luscombe Joanna Vanderham
Sarah Janet Montgomery
Carla Wunmi Mosaku
Mr Wax Allan Corduner
Rosie Jenna-Louise Coleman
Donaldson Anthony Head
Masterson John Goodman
Lady Cremone Jacqueline Bisset
Sarah's father Rob Edwards
Mrs Mitchell Maggie McCarthy
Prince George John Hopkins
Julian Luscombe Tom Hughes
Mick Jamie Crew
Harry Thornton Miles Richardson
Mrs Luscombe Jane Asher
Nurse Pollock Nicola Sloane
Gunson Gerard Horan
Eric Sam Hoare
Horton David Dawson
Young nurse Kirsty Oswald
Young waiter Jack Farthing
Director Stephen Poliakoff
Producer Nicky Kentish Barnes
Producer Faye Ward
Writer Stephen Poliakoff
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