Nature's Microworlds


Series 1 - Episode 10 Yellowstone



On a great plateau in America’s heartland, Yellowstone National Park is a seething area of geothermal activity and home to a wide assortment of predators. There was controversy in 1995 when wolves were re-introduced after an absence of 70 years — the coyotes in particular weren’t best pleased — but the growth in wolf numbers has been mirrored by the park’s thriving beaver population. They’re clearly linked, but how?

Plenty of splendid footage is on show (did you know that a grizzly bear can run down an elk?) as Steve Backshall reveals the unlikely connection between the lethal hunter and the water-loving rodent.


Steve Backshall visits America's Yellowstone National Park, where bears, coyotes, bison and elk roam vast grasslands, wetlands and forests. He tries to solve the puzzle of why the population of beavers increased when wolves were returned to the area after an absence of 70 years, despite the two species of animal having little to do with each another.