Series 1 - Episode 3



The occasional glimpses of the brilliant show Derek could have been come together tonight. It’s the funniest episode so far, mainly thanks to generous helpings of Karl Pilkington. His rants as care-home handyman Dougie are delivered with perfect weariness, and tonight’s storylines allow his exasperation to boil over nicely.

There’s more plot than usual, too: Derek rescues a baby bird and wants Hannah to call Bill Oddie. Hannah’s boyfriend Tom is frustrated because
she keeps cancelling dates. And elderly resident Marge is visited by her uncaring daughter — tonight’s straw baddie. Obviously, everything is a bit spoilt by a soppy music montage (the show’s centre is softer than blancmange), but there’s a dash of real emotion, too, and at one stage a hilarious meeting of WH Auden and Take a Break magazine.


The retirement-home worker finds a baby bird that has fallen from a tree and, desperate to save its life, rushes inside to announce the emergency. Later, Derek and some of the residents attend a jumble sale and then it's date night for Tom and Hannah - but she's forgotten all about it. Comedy, written by and starring Ricky Gervais, with Karl Pilkington, Brett Goldstein and Kerry Godliman.

Cast & Crew

Derek Ricky Gervais
Hannah Kerry Godliman
Dougie Karl Pilkington
Kev David Earl
Tom Brett Goldstein
Shelley Ashley McGuire
Marge Pamela Lyne
Lizzie Kaye Noone
Jack Tim Barlow
Arthur Arthur Nightingale
Sheila Sheila Collings
Edna Margaret Towner
Prem Prem Modgil
Joe Barry Martin
Precious Blanche Williams
Annie Ninette Finch
Ambulance man David Hayler
Director Ricky Gervais
Executive Producer Ricky Gervais
Series Producer Charlie Hanson
Writer Ricky Gervais
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Drama Comedy