The Year Britain Flooded

The Year Britain Flooded


2012 was the year roads became rivers, fields became lakes and 8,000 properties across Britain were inundated. Some people may want to forget the wettest year since records began (in England, at least) but for those who want to relive its extraordinary torrents and deluges, this programme has a wealth of shocking footage, much of it from mobile phones. Cars are overwhelmed, pedestrians washed away and in one case bus passengers scream as the waters gush in.

But the programme also wades into deeper waters, with excellent analysis of why floods happen, the geology of mudslides, and so on. There’s also an illustration of why floodwaters are so foul and filthy that you won’t want to watch while eating your dinner.


Documentary recalling the appalling weather across the nation in 2012, when high levels of rainfall brought flooding to towns and cities and led to the wettest summer in a century. The programme takes to the air with meteorologists and dives into Britain's sewage system and saturated underground aquifers to reveal why the floods occurred and to show how devastating they can be.