My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine

My Big Fat Gypsy Valentine



Traveller girls are in love with the whole fairy-tale idea of romance and weddings although, as Ina and Danielle say their wedding vows, they don’t look as radiantly happy as they do during the preparations for the big day.

But then, as bridesmaid Estella succinctly puts it, “You spend half your life playing with Barbie dolls and the other trying to look like one.” Maybe they should also have listened to Theresa who, at the age of eight, knows all about love. She speaks much more sense than Danielle’s new husband, Brendan, who says, “A girl is good for three things: cleaning, cooking and kissing.” Who said romance was dead?


One-off special exploring love and courtship in Britain's traveller community. Sixteen-year-old Ina Casey is marrying her first boyfriend, and has a wedding dress made from glitter fabric - a material more commonly used in wallpaper - while Danielle's nuptials are scheduled to take place just a day after she turns 16. Despite her youth, she's convinced she has made the right choice in committing to 21-year-old fiance Brendan, but can the reality live up to her dream of a white wedding?

Cast & Crew

Director Paddy Collins
Director Lucy Wilcox
Director Emma Young
Executive Producer Zoe Page
Executive Producer Mark Soldinger
Executive Producer Jes Wilkins
Producer Paddy Collins
Producer Lucy Wilcox
Producer Emma Young
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