Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend

Series 1 - Episode 5 Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend



It’s the Blandings fête, the Emsworth family’s most important day of the year, according to battleaxe Constance (Jennifer Saunders).

Of course the event will be ruined because idiot Freddie is giving an unsuitable speech in the big tent and there are a pair of grubby urchins roaming the grounds of Blandings, intent on mischief. They are a couple of “London Fresh Air Children” who, Constance tells her brother Lord Emsworth, “are here to see civilised people comporting themselves properly”. But Emsworth, for once, refuses to be cowed either by his sister or his incomprehensible, gravel-obsessed gardener.


It's the annual fete at Blandings, a day Clarence dreads because Connie always forces him to wear a top hat and stumble his way through an awkward speech. As if that weren't bad enough, he has a run-in with tyrannical head gardener McAllister, who won't let the bumbling lord pick any flowers. All seems lost - until he befriends a pair of cheeky children who encourage him to be more assertive.

Cast & Crew

Clarence Timothy Spall
Connie Jennifer Saunders
Beach Mark Williams
Freddie Jack Farthing
McAllister Ron Donachie
Gandle Richard Doubleday
Miss Younghusband Emily Beecham
Gladys Molly Colin
Ern Ashley Foster
Mrs Rossiter Olivia Nash
Director Paul Seed
Producer Spencer Campbell
Writer Guy Andrews
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