Giant Otters of the Amazon: Natural World

Giant Otters of the Amazon: Natural World

Series 31



Charlie Hamilton James sails into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to renew an old acquaintance with Diablo, a giant otter he first befriended when it was six months old. Diablo is now a 6ft-long adult with a family of small cubs, all of whom have to be taught to swim. Oddly, baby giant otters don’t like the water. The cubs are as endearing as you would expect – they look like tiny, bald, whiskered old men.

But giant otters aren’t just photogenic cuties who love to splash about for fun; life is dangerous on the Amazon where otter-predator the caiman (it looks like a crocodile) lies patiently in wait for dinner to swim by. In a remarkable sequence Hamilton James captures a noisy, chaotic full-on fight as Diablo and his family round on a caiman in a long battle to the death.


Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James heads to the Peruvian jungle to chart the hazardous life of a giant otter and its unruly family of six cubs. The young ones must learn how to swim, catch piranha and avoid predators, with Charlie managing to capture a fight between the otters and a caiman, a large aquatic reptile closely related to the alligator and the crocodile.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Charlie Hamilton James
Director Charlie Hamilton James
Executive Producer Chris Cole
Producer Charlie Hamilton James
Series Editor Steve Greenwood