Miracle Rising: South Africa

Miracle Rising: South Africa


Twenty-three years ago today, Nelson Mandela walked free from prison. It was a moment of international euphoria, but for South Africa the wounds of apartheid were still far from healed. Leading figures, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Clinton and the South African leader who authorised Mandela’s release, FW de Klerk, join together to relive that difficult transitional period.

The scale of the challenge is made clear by archive footage of former Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd calling apartheid simply “a policy of good neighbourliness”. One-time US ambassador to South Africa James Joseph has a different take: “One of the most evil systems ever designed by the human mind.”


Global leaders, celebrities and key South African political figures discuss the downfall of apartheid and the country's transition to democracy with multi-racial elections in 1994.