Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Cocaine Blues

Series 1 - Episode 1 Cocaine Blues



Just when you thought that all variations of the amateur-detective genre had been explored, along comes Miss Phryne Fisher, who sashays through the jazz clubs of 1920s Melbourne, tackling villains with her pearl-handled pistol.
The plot’s hardly revolutionary, but it is worth watching for lead actress Essie Davis, with her sleek bob and killer cheekbones, who runs bad guys to ground with both wit and raunch.


First episode of the Australian crime drama set in the 1920s. Returning to Melbourne after years abroad, sleuth Miss Phryne Fisher becomes embroiled in a case involving poisoned husbands, cocaine smuggling and illegal abortionists, Starring Essie Davis, with Miriam Margolyes.

Cast & Crew

Phryne Fisher Essie Davis
DI Jack Robinson Nathan Page
Dorothy Williams Ashleigh Cummings
Hugh Collins Hugo Johnstone-Burt
Dorothy `Dot' Williams Ashleigh Cummings
Aunt Prudence Miriam Margolyes
Lydia Andrews Miranda Otto
Dr Mac Tammy MacIntosh
Murdoch Foyle Nicholas Bell
Executive Producer Deborah Cox
Executive Producer Fiona Eaggar
Executive Producer Christopher Gist
Executive Producer Carole Sklan
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