People Like Us

Series 1 - Episode 2



You have to feel sorry for Paul from the Wakefield family. Driven to distraction by an all-female household that he finds to be preoccupied by make-up and periods, he’s now starting to treat the camera as a confidant. The fact that he’d rather eff than pause for breath may be offputting to some, but when he talks of his three stints in Strangeways, you can’t help but wonder whether he sees prison as respite. For others, the emphasis is on aspiration rather than incarceration: Dale has started an internet radio show (“Just to let the listeners know, me nana’s off to bingo”), while Ryan takes part in a terrifying rap battle.


In the Manchester suburb of Harpurhey, 19-year-old Dale's hopes of fame and fortune have seen him try his hand at presenting his own internet radio show, while single mum Nicola struggles to survive on benefits and longs for a better life for her daughter. Recently released from Strangeways Prison, 21-year-old Ryan has ambitions to make it as a rapper, and the programme catches up with 18-year-old Amber, who has been offered a place at university to study acting but dreads the idea of moving away from her family. Narrated by Natalie Casey.