The Hour

Series 2 - Episode 2



The “BBC Board” is due at Lime Grove Studios to watch a recording of The Hour, and they all want to meet heart-throb Hector. But Hector is in a police cell, the nightclub floozy he dallied with last week having accused him of beating her up.

Just because he is handsome and charming doesn’t mean that Hector (suave Dominic West) isn’t a thug, but his producer Bel puts doubt to the back of her mind as she tries to help her star anchorman. Will Hector embarrass the BBC? The very idea!

It’s another curiously passionless episode. Considering so much is at stake for The Hour team there’s no tension; even a sub-plot about racism on Freddie’s doorstep is perfunctory and ends up sounding sanctimonious. So thank goodness for Anna Chancellor and Peter Capaldi as foreign-desk chief Lix Storm and head of news Randall Brown. What a team.


The Maddens host a gathering of friends at their flat, but the party atmosphere is shattered when two policemen arrive at the door to arrest Hector on suspicion of assaulting Kiki. The next day Bel has a tough job trying to keep it a secret from Randall, while Freddie further complicates matters in the newsroom when he decides to hold a controversial interview with a fascist on the same day members of the board pay a visit.