Culture Shock

Series 1 - Episode 1 Culture Shock



The collapse in the US property market in 2008 hit Utah estate agents Scott Lomu and George Wright hard. Now they’re deeply in hock, and the bills are piling up around them. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but is prospecting in Ghana’s Ashanti Belt, which is in the midst of a seemingly lawless gold rush, really the way to solve their problems?

This questionable series follows the pair (Scott’s the voice of reason, George a pumped-up loose cannon) as they arrive in the midst of the rainy season to find Chinese miners on their claim and come under pressure from investors — and their families — to get gold out of the ground and fast. The weather’s the least of their worries.


Struggling property experts George Wright and Scott Lomu hope a mining expedition in the jungles of Ghana will provide them with enough gold to secure their families' futures.