Last Tango in Halifax

Last Tango in Halifax

Series 1 - Episode 1



Writer Sally Wainwright has left behind the mean, crime-soaked streets of Manchester and Scott & Bailey to return to the kind of warm-hearted family turmoil she first explored in her hit series At Home with the Braithwaites.

Last Tango in Halifax is a rather sweet love story with, at its heart, an unconsummated romance that reaches back decades. Celia and Alan (Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi, both great) first knew each other as teenagers. But, after a misunderstanding, their burgeoning relationship collapsed and they married other people. Donkey’s years later, when they’re single once again, the pair re-establish contact through Facebook.

They both have grown-up families now, each member of which has a secret sorrow, or just a secret. There are times when Last Tango in Halifax will make you gasp in disbelief, but because the cast is so good and works so hard to make it all credible, you’ll probably be won over.


Old friends Celia Dawson and Alan Buttershaw are both widowed and in their 70s, and have not seen each other for 60 years. When they are reunited over the internet and arrange to meet up, they discover it was an unfortunate twist of fate that prevented them getting together all those years ago. All at once, their feelings for each other are reignited and they make a snap decision. But when their daughters - buttoned-up headmistress Caroline and happy-go-lucky farmer Gillian - arrive at the pub to pick their parents up, how will they feel about becoming sisters-in-law? Sally Wainwright's light-hearted drama stars Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid as the second-time-around lovers, with Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker.

Cast & Crew

Alan Derek Jacobi
Celia Anne Reid
Caroline Sarah Lancashire
Gillian Nicola Walker
Raff Josh Bolt
John Tony Gardner
William Edward Ashley
Lawrence Louis Greatorex
Kate Nina Sosanya
Robbie Dean Andrews
Paul Sacha Dhawan
Director Euros Lyn
Producer Karen Lewis
Writer Sally Wainwright
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