Ashes to Ashes

Series 3 - Episode 7



A body is found in an ANC drinking den and Gene quickly decides a girl is guilty of the murder. However, the group's leader complicates matters by confessing to the crime to stop the suspect being deported, pitching the team into a world of illegal immigration and terrorism. Jim's report is nearly finished, but he continues to push Alex to find out what really happened to Sam Tyler.

Cast & Crew

Gene Hunt Philip Glenister
Alex Drake Keeley Hawes
Ray Carling Dean Andrews
Chris Skelton Marshall Lancaster
Shaz Granger Montserrat Lombard
Jim Keats Daniel Mays
Luigi Joseph Long
Tobias Ndbele Lucian Msamati
Tsitsi Estella Daniels
Anders de Villiers Simon Kunz
Pathologist Charlie Roe
South African man Gabriel Fleary
Director David Drury
Executive Producer Matthew Graham
Producer Howard Burch
Writer Ashley Pharoah
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