Day of the Iguana

Series 4 - Episode 7 Day of the Iguana



Mrs Akalitus's former mentor makes a surprise return to All Saints when he arrives for an angioplasty, but is suffering from dementia and believes he is still an employee. Jackie has a meeting with her brusque new divorce lawyer, who convinces her she needs to be tough if she wants to win custody of the kids. Zoey tries to pluck up the courage to dump Lenny, and Cruz's lack of sympathy makes matters much worse when a patient gets injured. Guest starring Joel Grey (Cabaret) and Aida Turturro (The Sopranos).

Cast & Crew

Jackie Peyton Edie Falco
Dr Eleanor `Ellie' O'Hara Eve Best
Zoey Barkow Merritt Wever
Eddie Walzer Paul Schulze
Mrs Gloria Akalitus Anna Deavere Smith
Dr Fitch Cooper Peter Facinelli
Dr Mike Cruz Bobby Cannavale
Thor Lundgren Stephen Wallem
Sam Arjun Gupta
Laura Vargas Aida Turturro
Dick Babbit Joel Grey
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Comedy Drama