Wild Colombia with Nigel Marven

Highlands and Hummingbirds

Series 1 - Episode 1 Highlands and Hummingbirds



The irrepressible naturalist is in South America for this four-part series. Smiling even when a giant blue tarantula crawls over his face, he’s
a perpetually enthusiastic traveller, offering all sorts of fascinating nuggets as he goes. (The daisy-like espeletia plant can live 100 years; the red howler monkey is one of the loudest creatures on Earth, and so on.)

In this first episode he’s darting about the foothills of the Andes almost as fast as the hummingbirds he’s come to see — in one segment smearing lipstick on his face like a manic clown and holding a feeder between his teeth to test if they’ll be attracted to him.


A journey exploring Colombia's wild side, beginning in the capital Bogota, where Nigel encounters a blizzard of hummingbirds.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nigel Marvin