Stephen Fry: Gadget Man: Super Commuter

Series 1 - Episode 1 Stephen Fry: Gadget Man: Super Commuter



What we have here is a reminder that Stephen Fry may adopt the camouflage of the benignly corduroyed English fogey, but is in fact as unfogeyish as you can get, not least when it comes to technology. Forget for a moment Fry the novelist, the actor, the quizmaster, the linguistic connoisseur and embrace instead Fry the futurologist, obsessed as he is with any way that clever electronic gadgety can improve our lives, or fail trying.

For this series he simply tests out interesting innovations, from an inflatable bike helmet to an in-car espresso machine, and enthuses. Addressing the problems of commuting, he coaxes Jonathan Ross onto electric roller skates and wonders aloud, “How about pimping a taxi-cab such that it becomes an amphibious vehicle?” (Loving the Fry-ish “such that...”) Whereupon a team of mechanics makes it happen, and Fry drives into the Thames.


Actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry shares his passion for technology, trying out all the gizmos and prototypes he can lay his hands on and attempting to create his own supergadget each week. In the first edition, Jonathan Ross joins him to look at how the daily commute can be made more bearable - with inventions including the world's smallest electric car, a very unusual bicycle and a 3D headset. Stephen also designs a fantasy vehicle that would overcome the problem of traffic jams.