Snow Maiden

Series 1 - Episode 8 Snow Maiden



Hunted has been shameless in its use of sickly scenes with whey-faced children. Yes, people are routinely bashed to bits. But just go “aaah” as tough Sam Hunter sits on the bed of motherless moppet Eddie and reads him her favourite story as her eyes become damp with unshed tears for her own dead mum.

Blah! Still, never mind, it’s nearly over. In the final episode, one in which I am sure you expect everything in this corkscrew thriller to be explained, Sam’s flashbacks to her childhood become more acutely painful. Still, she has a job to do. “It ends today, Sam,” she is told. Then someone says, “We need to talk.” Which is never a good thing.


Byzantium Security is ordered to kill Jack Turner, but when the assassination attempt fails, Sam is exposed as a spy. As the billionaire produces the evidence he has against the company's client, Sam finally begins to recover the terrible memories explaining why the Hourglass conspirators want her dead - but it may be too late as unknown to her she has already been poisoned. Thriller, starring Melissa George, Adam Rayner and Patrick Malahide. Last in the series.