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Series 4 - Episode 4



Poor Curtis: hasn’t he learnt by now that all probation workers, even trainee ones, are hopelessly deranged? There’s certainly more to his new girlfriend (Lucy Gaskell, who fantasy fans may remember as werewolf George’s girlfriend Sam in Being Human) than her come-hither pout. Before you can say, “I love you”, Curtis is knee-deep in gore and wrestling a zombie in another eye-wateringly violent episode, and this time there isn’t a happy ending. So thank goodness Rudy has a tasteless joke (or six) up his sleeve.


When Curtis's new girlfriend Lola disappears, he is forced to use his power to bring someone back from the dead. Meanwhile, Rudy and Finn have a disagreement about their shared living arrangements and Jess finally gets closer to mysterious barman Alex.

Cast & Crew

Jess Karla Crome
Rudy Joseph Gilgun
Finn Nathan McMullen
Curtis Nathan Stewart-Jarrett
Alex Matt Stokoe
Greg Shaun Dooley
Lola Lucy Gaskell
Jake Andrew Gower
Pete Tom Austen
Drama teacher Gresby Nash
Director Nirpal Bhogal
Series Producer Matt Strevens
Writer Howard Overman
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