The X Factor

Series 9 - Episode 18



So is the idea of this show to find someone who can be an international recording star, as Louis Walsh repeats ad nauseum week after week?

If it is, why does a superior vocal performance count for less than entertainment value, which was Tulisa’s reason for keeping Rylan in the competition recently? Or, whisper it, is all this deadlock drama a bit of Weakest Link-style tactical voting from the judges and an attempt to boost ratings?

In any case with just four weeks to go before the final, there’s plenty
of time left for some singing of variable quality and judging squabbles
before we get our international singing star/general entertainer winner.


Last week, District3 left the competition as the judges decided to save Union J. Now, the surviving boy band join James Arthur, Ella Henderson, Jahmene Douglas, Rylan Clark and Christopher Maloney in guilty pleasures week, with the acts battling to make it one step closer to the final, now just three weeks away. Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa and Louis Walsh critique the performances and praise their own contestants as Dermot O'Leary tries to keep the peace.
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