Out of the Blue

Series 27 - Episode 12 Out of the Blue



A drunken driver screams abuse at his girlfriend as he swigs from a bottle of vodka and swerves all over the road. The crash is inevitable. As, to a certain extent, is the fallout because the victims are a blameless young couple with a toddler.

You may think you can see where this is going once you learn that the driver is a footballer who’s “extremely uncooperative” about being treated at the scene. But the family’s story is completely out of left field.

Meanwhile chirpy Amanda (Connie Fisher) is still pursuing Dylan (William Beck). Someone ought to tell her that despite climbing every mountain and fording every stream, this is one dream that she won’t find.


A professional footballer is furious at losing a game so he throws his girlfriend out of his car and then drunkenly drives the wrong way up a motorway - only to crash into an oncoming vehicle. Tamzin is called to the accident, but is so shocked by his abusive manner she refuses to treat him, a decision that could have devastating consequences for her career and friendship with Jeff. Tom and Sam look after a patient with a rare genetic disorder, and as they argue over the best course of treatment, Dylan reveals he saw the doctors kissing at Halloween.
Drama Soap