Sound It Out

Sound It Out


Tucked away down a Stockton side street lies Sound It Out Records, the last record shop in Teesside. This affectionate film, a real-life High Fidelity, follows Sound It Out’s self-confessed obsessive clientele as they feed their vinyl addiction under manager Tom Butchart’s knowledgeable gaze.

The oddball community have built themselves a cramped refuge out of 50,000 records and dog-eared gig posters. It’s both heartening and disquieting, with the sagging weight of recession always threatening to smother the tuneful solace.


A film following daily life at one of the last trading vinyl record shops in the UK. Over the past number of years, a shop of this kind has closed every three days, yet the store in Teesside still manages to thrive against the odds thanks to the support of the local community and the important role that music plays in their lives.