Harry & Paul

Series 4 - Episode 4



Tonight there’s the painful sight of Harry and Paul not just missing a comedy open goal but skying the ball into row Z. They open with a sketch making fun at the expense of Ricky Gervais, mocking his sheepish grins, his self-conscious looks to camera and so on. But the impressions are nowhere near good enough, so instead of our biggest comedy star getting taken down a peg or two by a pair of elder statesmen, it all rings a bit hollow. Shame.

Elsewhere, I Saw You Coming has opened an artisan bakery and the posh surgeons, Charles and Sheridan, discuss video games.


Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse reinvent themselves as Ricky Gervais, and the original 1930s version of Oscar-winning film The King's Speech is unearthed. There is also a chance to see what Sherlock Holmes would have been like in a 1970s comedy. With a guest appearance by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.