The Ring

Series 3 - Episode 1 The Ring



BBC3’s cult hit returns for a third series, as disgustingly funny as ever. If you’ve yet to have the pleasure, our (anti) heroes are a couple called Becky (Sarah Solemani) and Steve (Russell Tovey), who spend their days loafing around their dingy, dirty flat, sharing everything from their toilet habits to the stale sausage roll they discover down the back of the sofa.

Equally repugnant — if less endearing — are their friends and family: Becky’s vindictive sister (pregnancy seems to have made her meaner), her blockhead of a fiancé and the bloke from upstairs who looks like he hasn’t seen a bath since the 90s. Tonight’s double bill begins with a sparkly ring and a bottle of bubbly — and is as refreshingly unromantic as ever.


Steve hides an engagement ring from Becky, who is suffering from a hangover, and the couple both avoid going to the park with Laura and Paul. Return of the comedy, starring Russell Tovey and Sarah Solemani.

Cast & Crew

Steve Russell Tovey
Becky Sarah Solemani
Paul Ricky Champ
Shelly Camille Coduri
Laura Kerry Howard
Dan Joe Wilkinson
Jonathan Neil Edmond
Gina Diane Morgan
Director Richard Laxton
Producer Kenton Allen
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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