Antiques Roadshow

Falmouth National Maritime Museum 1

Series 35 - Episode 7 Falmouth National Maritime Museum 1



Fiona Bruce and the Roadshow crew arrive at the very impressive National Maritime Museum in Falmouth to greet snaking queues of enthusiasts.

One of their most notable finds is a valuable collection of works by Henry Scott Tuke, a member of the Newlyn School colony of Cornwall artists. Tuke, born into a York Quaker family, was renowned for his paintings of nude boys and young men. Other treasures brought by the faithful include a pretty gold and diamond ring with a dark history, and the Roadshow solves a mystery when a safe, once used to take valuable items around the world, is finally opened.


The team arrives at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth, where more members of the public bring in their items to hear their stories and find out their worth. Objects include a diamond and gold ring with a grim family history and some of the most significant paintings ever seen on the show. A long-running mystery is solved with the opening of a safe once used to transport valuables around the globe and Fiona Bruce meets the collectors of tomorrow.