She Doesn't Just Give It Away

Series 1 - Episode 5 She Doesn't Just Give It Away



Hebburn’s latest arrival is Sarah’s sister Marial, who sets about soothing everyone’s chakras. This could easily lead into some standard hippy-mocking comedy, but Hebburn isn’t quite like that. To be honest, the episode rather fades away as if its batteries have run out, but there are some great moments. Jack’s first day as editor of the Hebburn Advertiser is inspired and the exchange when Marial tries to relax Pauline with some hand massage is a cross-purposes delight.


It's Jack's first day in the office as editor of the Hebburn Advertiser and he hopes to transform it into a best-selling paper that really makes a difference, while Vicki has her heart broken when her boyfriend Gervaise announces he has big plans. Pauline embarks on a mission to de-stress Joe after his doctor tells him he needs to relax, meaning he is banned from eating pork pies and cheese and forced to drink peppermint tea, even on his son's stag night.

Cast & Crew

Joe Jim Moir (Vic Reeves)
Pauline Gina McKee
Jack Chris Ramsey
Sarah Kimberley Nixon
Dot Pat Dunn
Vicki Lisa McGrillis
Denise Victoria Elliott
Ramsey Jason Cook
Gervaise Neil Grainger
Big Keith Steffen Peddie
Hutchy Curtis Appleby
Siobhan Kathryn Hunt
Marial Verity-May Henry
David Graham Duff
Doctor Alfie Joey
Doorman Steven Hillman
Director Christine Gernon
Producer Gill Isles
Writer Jason Cook
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