Brazil with Michael Palin

The Deep South

Series 1 - Episode 4 The Deep South



Phillipe loves his job at Embraer, the third largest manufacturer of planes in the world. He beams at Palin and says, “I have a good life, I buy an X Box”. Phillipe earns about £1,500 a month (a good wage) and gets huge satisfaction as a very skilled paint-sprayer of plane fuselages. “He’s an enviable combination of hard work and happiness,” says Palin, perhaps a little wistfully.

It’s the final leg of Palin’s journey and it’s full of the same jovial, helpful people he’s met throughout his trip. He also visits the set of Brazil’s most popular soap opera; in Brazil, soaps don’t last for ever – this one will run for six to eight months.


On the last leg of his journey across the South American country, Michael explores the Brazilian south, where he is surprised by the rich diversity of European and Asian influences. Along the way he meets Dom Joao de Orleans e Braganca, second in line of succession to Brazil's defunct throne, goes flying with a man who has made a fortune out of rubbish and meets rap star Criolo, who believes social equality is a distant dream for most of his countrymen. Travelling farther south to Blumenau, the former Python's views on what makes a typical Brazilian are challenged when he finds German speakers and Bavarian dancers, before he catches piranha for sushi and helps cowboys treat a calf attacked by a jaguar.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael Palin
Director John Paul Davidson
Executive Producer Steve Abbott
Executive Producer Charlotte Moore
Series Producer John Paul Davidson