Ben Percy

Series 14 - Episode 128 Ben Percy



Jimmi is at the police station and has fallen asleep in his chair, a half-eaten carton of food on his lap. He wakes startled from a nightmare in which the skeleton of an elderly man, with the remnants of his last supper beside him, sits in front of him.

In reality the man had died in his sleep a year earlier and Jimmi had been called to certify the death. But the discovery has been playing on Jimmi’s mind and, struck by the news that a hospital referral letter written by him was found alongside the body, Jimmi is motivated to investigate further. What he uncovers is a long-buried secret and a very sad story indeed.


When Jimmi is called to certify a death, he finds himself compelled to uncover more about the dead man and unearths an old secret. Elsewhere, it is quiz night at the Mill, while Rob risks everything to catch Andrei.