Chateau Chunder: When Australian Wine Changed the World

Chateau Chunder: When Australian Wine Changed the World


A jocular, colourful explanation of how Australian wine, in the back half of the 20th century, came from nowhere to dominate the industry. Wine itself coursed past class barriers to become the drink of Britain’s lower middle classes, a major contributing factor being the move away from forbidding French slurp. The Australian counter-terroirists, with their populist flavours and clear grape-variety labelling, were the catalyst.

The stereotype of Aussies as unpretentious, bold and deceptively excellent is in force – although the programme also covers how success attracted acquisitive corporations, who have done their best to sour the story.


Documentary examining how winemakers in Australia redefined their industry, turning it into one of the world's leading exponents of making and marketing the beverage. Wine critics including Oz Clarke and Jancis Robinson reveal that good value, consistent quality and simple classification were key in helping to improve the reputation and popularity of the export.