Series 2 - Episode 13



It’s the finale of a series that’s consistently delivered the goods. And it rounds off in fine celebratory style as the store prepares to honour its millionth customer: there’s a balloon archway and the promise of a trolley dash, while Leighton is dressed up as a Valco tick. Of greater importance for viewers, though, is seeing if any of those tantalising staff romances can blossom, in particular Colin’s ongoing quest to convince Lisa that they can have sex – and maybe even a relationship – outside of work hours.


The staff gather to celebrate their one-millionth customer promotion, with the lucky shopper winning a trolley dash - although they ensure the booze aisle is out of bounds. Lisa realises she likes Colin and races to tell him before he flies to Faliraki, while Katie is hopeful of getting together with Kieran after hearing he has split with Emma.