The Blind Man of Seville - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Blind Man of Seville - Part One



TV companies are scouring bookshelves for viable fictional Euro-tecs and Sky has snapped up Robert Wilson’s Spanish detective Javier Falcón. This two-part adaptation of The Blind Man of Seville is ravishingly directed (and in English), but there’s a problem: Falcón is meant to be troubled and sexy, but actor Marton Csokas stalks the drama like an undertaker with piles.

On the fringes of the cast are Emilia Fox as his ex-wife, wonderful Kerry Fox (another Kiwi) as his sister, Santiago Cabrera (Heroes, Merlin) as a judge and Bernard Hill as avuncular art dealer Ramón. Frankly, we need to see more of them.


Part one of two. While the city of Seville celebrates Holy Week, a successful restaurateur is bound, gagged and tortured to death. The crime scene suggests he was forced to watch a film as he suffered, but Chief Inspector Javier Falcon appears more interested in an old photograph of his father in the businessman's home. As the investigation progresses, the detective finds himself drawn to the victim's widow and prime suspect Consuelo, and discovers the truth about his family's involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Crime drama based on the best-selling novels by Robert Wilson, starring Marton Csokas.

Cast & Crew

Javier Falcon Marton Csokas
Ines Conde de Tejada Emilia Fox
Ramon Salgado Bernard Hill
Jose Luis Ramirez Charlie Creed-Miles
Manuela Falcon Kerry Fox
Esteban Calderon Santiago Cabrera
Consuelo Jimenez Hayley Atwell
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