Ross Kemp: The Invisible Wounded

Ross Kemp: The Invisible Wounded


“They did what they were told to do… we owe them a duty of care.” Ross Kemp is a sympathetic voice in this frequently very sad exploration of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It affects around six per cent of service personnel – and when you hear that 180,000 British troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past decade, you realise just how many people could be out there suffering (with little help) a range of distressing symptoms.

Support is increasingly available, but it’s clear from the sufferers that Kemp talks to that the mental scars they’ve concealed – sometimes for decades – are heartbreakingly close to the surface.


An estimated one in four service veterans suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to depression, addiction or violent outbursts. Here, Ross Kemp explores the condition - which years ago was suffered by his EastEnders character Grant Mitchell - to find out what can be and is being done to support these ex-service personnel for whom the war may be over, but the conflict continues.