Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature


Series 1 - Episode 2 Super-Senses



“It’s the waiting that gets you,” mutters Hammond as he lies blindfolded in a field for yet another stunt. It’s an elaborate way of showing that barn owls fly silently – by having one swoop over him without his realising it – but
like everything else here, a nice gobbet of information is teased and held back and laced with fake jeopardy (What creature will it be? Will it hurt him?) so that the waiting gets to us, too.

The idea is to show how scientists use natural phenomena – owl wings and seal whiskers for example – as inspiration. There’s some clever stuff buried among the attention-grabbing stunts.


The presenter observes animals' use of super-senses, including elephants communicating via signals transmitted through sand and a blindfolded seal using its whiskers as a tracker. He also learns how scientists have transferred these extraordinary natural talents to a specially adapted bike that uses sonar to allow a blind man to cycle down a mountain-bike course and a self-driving truck that navigates using laser technology.