Fresh Meat

Series 2 - Episode 6



Robert Webb returns in specs and cardie as inept geology lecturer Dan, who this week masterminds a disastrous field trip to the Pennines. Back in so-called civilisation, Josie has been expelled from her course following last week’s wince-inducing dentistry class and hatches a grisly plan to win back her place. Oregon cross-examines the man of her dreams, convinced he must have a flaw, while Howard is still trying to woo Sabine with all the subtlety of a steam train.

So far series two hasn’t put a foot wrong – although JP does, and gets up close and personal with Mother Nature.


Spurred on by a righteous sense of getting his money's worth, Kingsley makes an official complaint, but when a field trip goes awry, things come to a head for him and JP. Vod's future as a student is put in jeopardy, Oregon begins to fall for Dylan, and Josie decides not to tell anyone she has been kicked off her course.

Cast & Crew

JP Jack Whitehall
Kingsley Joe Thomas
Josie Kimberley Nixon
Howard Greg McHugh
Vod Zawe Ashton
Oregon Charlotte Ritchie
Professor Shales Tony Gardner
Director Annie Griffin
Executive Producer Judy Counihan
Executive Producer Jesse Armstrong
Executive Producer Sam Bain
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Executive Producer Andrew Newman
Producer Rhonda Smith
Writer Annie Griffin
Writer Tony Roche
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