Some Girls

Series 1 - Episode 2



The Inbetweeners have nothing on these schoolgirls. It’s one thing being foul-mouthed and sex-obsessed in a middle-class suburb: quite another on an ugly council estate where teenage pregnancy, drug addiction and masturbation are dropped into conversation as casually as the weather.

While that may not sound like a bundle of laughs, you can’t help but empathise with Viva, the main character. She’s the sole voice of reason in this amoral world, although not above a bit of deliciously puerile banter with her mates (usually at the expense of wide-eyed,dim-witted Amber).

In this episode, Viva reluctantly agrees to hide a stolen hamster, with icky consequences, and Amber investigates her new boyfriend’s enigmatic past.


Amber's new boyfriend Ryan seems to have a well-hidden secret, and the girls become determined to expose it. Meanwhile, Holli's attempt to give her little brother the perfect birthday present goes horribly wrong. Comedy drama, starring Adelayo Adedayo.

Cast & Crew

Viva Adelayo Adedayo
Amber Alice Felgate
Holli Natasha Jonas
Saz Mandeep Dhillon
Anna Dolly Wells
Rob Colin Salmon
Jamie Nathan Bryon
Brandon Franz Drameh
Mel Sarah Hoare
Ryan Gerran Howell
Miss Jacobs Sue Vincent
Rude schoolboy 1 Charlie Wernham
Rude schoolboy 2 McKell David
Director Adam Miller
Producer Justin Davies
Writer Bernadette Davis
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