Nick Nickleby

Series 1 - Episode 5



The mystery of Mrs Smike's locket is revealed during Nick's attempt to bring down his Uncle Ralph and stop Maddy from making a big mistake. However, with his sister in the frame for murder and Ralph's care-home contract signed, it appears the forces are against him. Drama, starring Andrew Simpson.

Cast & Crew

Nick Andrew Simpson
Ralph Adrian Dunbar
Mrs Nickleby Bronagh Gallagher
Squeers Mark McDonnell
Hawkovsky Gerry O'Brien
Mr Bolder Howell Evans
Noggs Jonathan Harden
Mrs Graymarsh Barbara Adair
Kat Jayne Wisener
Ms Knag Anna Wilson-Jones
Frannie Hollie Taylor
Mr Bhray Ranjit Krishnamma
Verisopht Laurence Kennedy
Maddy Caitlin Joseph
Maia Yasmin Poppy Kaftar
Mrs Khenwigs Indira Joshi
Muzz Tony Jayawardena
Mr Cheerybles David Henry
Mariah Freya Parks
Mr Cobbey James Greene
Venetia Clare Cathcart
Dr Brightside Edward Peel
Adapted By Joy Wilkinson
Director David Innes Edwards
Producer Susan Breen
Writer Charles Dickens
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