Remember Them

Series 14 - Episode 125 Remember Them



As it’s Remembrance Sunday this coming weekend, Doctors reminds us of the effects of recent conflicts on the families left at home. While giving a routine blood pressure check, Kevin (Simon Rivers) is berated by his patient Diana (Diana Kent) for not wearing a poppy. He feels especially awkward when she reveals that her husband was killed serving in Iraq in 2005.

But matters get worse when she accidentally backs into his car in the car park. Her car, she explains hysterically, belongs to her daughter who’s fighting in Afghanistan and he’ll have to wait for it to be repaired. However, there’s much more to her agitation than meets the eye.


Kevin has an eventful day after upsetting a military wife by not wearing his poppy. Emma is offered a permanent position after Heston talks to Howard, and Jas is forced to admit she and Aran have split up. Medical drama, guest starring Diana Kent, with Simon Rivers and Vineeta Rishi.