Young Apprentice

Cookery Book

Series 3 - Episode 2 Cookery Book



Tonight’s task for the budding entrepreneurs is to produce a cookery book. “It’s all about presentation,” says Lord Sugar firmly. He should have mentioned that correct spelling was also quite important. They’re an impressive bunch of candidates, although two of the young women are forceful to the point of domineering.

The squabbling in the boardroom is enough to make your ears bleed but, as always, Lord Sugar cuts through the noise like a hot knife through butter to deliver his killer pun: “This was a recipe for disaster.”


Alan Sugar challenges the candidates to design and print a trendy cookbook, then pitch it to three major sellers. Conflict arises when Maria, the lone girl in a team of boys, suggests they narrow their readership down to `professional women', while their rivals suffer a distinct disadvantage when it turns out they don't know the difference between a recipe and a list of ingredients - not to mention their inability to spell. Luckily, cupcake queen Lucy is there to pull them together - but will her input be enough to save three of them from a boardroom grilling?