Series 1 - Episode 6 Polyhedrus



Many bizarre and inexplicable things have happened in Hunted, but the oddest to date involves tonight’s abduction of a man dressed as a giant rabbit. The hapless flop-eared fool is led at gunpoint from a shopping centre by one of Hunted’s numerous unconscionable thugs. Poor bunny, it’s really not a good day for him. But then no one ever has any reason to smile in this most purse-lipped of incomprehensible thrillers.

Sam Hunter (Melissa George) goes as deeply under cover as it is possible to go because her job, whatever that is, demands it. Her impenetrable boss, meanwhile, is rotting from the inside, while everyone else at Byzantium tries to stop the assassination of a Pakistani politician.


Sam suspects Jack Turner intends to assassinate Fatima Zahir, a Pakistani presidential candidate opposed to the sale of the dam. But as she and the team race to save the politician's life, they discover the billionaire has an even more important target - a scientist possessing a deadly secret that implicates Byzantium's own client. Spy thriller, starring Melissa George and Patrick Malahide.